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Aerial view of Evershot
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For those not too well up in English geography, Dorset is a county on the south coast of England between Hampshire and Devon. The county town is Dorchester, about 9 miles from Evershot. West Dorset is a country of small valleys with farmland surrounding the villages. There are proper broadleaved woods, with trees randomly selfseeded instead of neat rows of pines.

Evershot is an increasingly rare village, having a church with a ring of six functional bells (practice night Tuesdays at 7:30pm), a post office/shop, a doctors' surgery (two sessions a week), a primary school, a bakery, an inn, a hotel and some light industry, all contained in a community of 181 people. This population includes children, but not hotel workers and other temporary residents who do not get themselves on the electoral roll.

Evershot is the second highest village in Dorset at 190m (625ft). Its national grid reference is ST 573 045. We are just off the A37 midway between Yeovil and Dorchester, signposted at the Holywell crossroads.

What's new
More information on the Evershot Country Fair is available here.
Barbara Wilton's pieces for the Chimes on village inhabitants are now available on line here.
The library bus dates for 2013 are here.
The lady who brings us fresh local fish has changed her day from Wednesdays to Tuesdays around lunchtime. See here.
The rubbish recycling dates for 2013 are here.
I hope everyone will vote in BT's Race to Infinity (www.racetoinfinity.bt.com) so that we can have a faster broadband connection. It costs nothing! And it will help all those small local enterprises who depend on it.
The Little Acorns now have their own website: see here.
An extraordinary picture of Evershot in the snow. Well worth a look here (scroll down to the bottom). Some new jokes from the always reliable Financial Times here. The "Weather" page has changed, and there's a new Evershot weather website! See here. It now includes a 5-day forecast for the southwest from the Met Office.

There is a page where I have put some of your emails: it is here

If you have never been to the village, come and visit us. We are quite friendly, and the village and the country round about have lots to offer you. So log off the web and take a trip down this way!

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